Our First Rally 2015

This was the start of 58 counties organized to defeat Ted Cruz in the primaries of 2016. State-wide training and precinct operations were put in place to ensure Trump got elected. The Californians for Trump group meet privately with Trump at the CAGOP Convention in Burlingame. 

Californians for Trump Grassroots Volunteers Meet Trump

 Californians for Trump was organized and ready to take on Cruz and Kasich during the primary prior to the arrival of the Trump Campaign. This video shows when Trump has to climb down the freeway to greet US, his volunteers!  Trump is a caring genuine and approachable leader! 


 California is ready to hit the GROUND GAME to support Donald Trump and to Make America Great Again for 2020! This was our 2016 video, and we are ready to start back up for 2020!  Ivanka Trump is shown mentioning our original June 7th Primary in 2016-- that is a PERFECT TIME to start up for 2020 post- ChinaVirus! Signup to get involved here 


This is one example to show your community that it is OKAY to support AmericaFirst and the Party of America: Lincoln's Party! 

Who is the founder, Californians for Trump?

Mr. Walker is a California Public School Teacher, M.Ed. and BA in Politics. 

  • Trained 58 county precinct operations due to lack of CAGOP organization
  • Involved volunteers in rallies, events, phone banks, and walking apps
  • RNC and CAGOP Delegate
  • Recognized by applause by all RNC Delegates
  • CA4Trump volunteers held private event with Trump
  • Organized CA Inauguration Ball (140)
  • Continued Field Operations for Trump-Team Candidates
  • Currently Trump Victory Finance "Builder's Club"